Mostar: what happened?

As many, if not most of you know, my visit to Mostar during the summer of 2010 was a very emotional one as I saw incredible beauty and devastation all at the same time. I saw plaques of young people who died in a war. I believe that wars are senseless and serve no purpose other than making certain “world leaders” look “strong.” I spoke to many people about the war, both in Mostar and back in Pittsburgh. I have researched the war since I have been back and then I stumbled upon a blog. It brought back all the emotional memories of when I visited this incredible town. But, most important of all, I believe, it gives me the answers to the horrible, horrible war of 1993. I will never understand how anyone can destroy the way Mostar was destroyed. And then I sit back and realize, it is always the same reason/excuse for war: ETHNOCENTRICITY. My culture is better than yours and if you don’t see it my way, I will invade your country and make sure you see it my way. Remember OUR CLOWN who was so war hungry? At least the blog (there’s a link to it at the end of this) gave me the answers I was looking for: WHY the war? It made me realize that the leaders of the Croats AND the Serbs at the time were equally bad/screwed up. It made me understand why the Croatian government has the ridiculous, “let’s make babies policy” [According to this policy, a woman gets 12 months maternity leave, fully paid, for a first baby while her job is being kept should she decide to return to the workforce after the birth. It is 18 months for a second child, with the same benefits and THREE years for a third child, with the same benefits!! I cannot see how any economy in the world can sustain anything like this]. The irony to all of this is what is happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) today, politically wise. The country elects THREE presidents for a three-year term. The three elected presidents rotate and each serves for only one year. The B&H electorate elects ONE Croat, ONE Serb and ONE Muslim! Now, if that is not compromise, what is? Below you will find opinions (in bold) apparently heard around Mostar.

This is from the blog, The Velvet Rocket (remember there is a link to this blog at the end and I urge you to go there and read it  and LEARN).

Croats who call themselves an alternative government to the one that exists in Bosnia-Herzegovina, are openly planning a future state and it is common to hear comments like this if one speaks to a Croat in Mostar:   “We don’t have any kind of federal unit to protect our rights here in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We don’t even have media in our own language. The only way that we can protect ourselves is through a Croatian federal unit.”


“The main reason for all the problems now is that Bosniak Muslims are a majority. We don’t have any legal representatives at state levels of power in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The reason is we don’t have a legal framework, or any kind of opportunity to establish equality with the two other peoples.”


“At the beginning of the war, we were fighting for the liberation of all the people in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Muslims had our support, there were many of them who were fighting in the Croatian defense council. But in the end, we were betrayed by them. Many ran away. I don’t believe we can live together. In principle, maybe, but in my soul – I don’t believe it.” 

Before you go to the blog, look at this: The Old Bridge BEFORE the war, DURING the war (after being destroyed) and the “new” Old Bridge. And then we call ourselves “human beings?” Don’t get me started on the genocide in Srebrenica. I am, however, still seeking THE one answer to my question: Who started all this crap between the Christians and the Muslims. If you have the answer, please, pretty please, email me and let me know and lets get this out in the open. 

Before you go to the link of the blog, look at the pics I’ve posted: the Old Bridge in tact, the destruction, the reconstruction, and finally the “new” Old Bridge. It took seven years to complete, and it will never be what it used to be, it’s a helluva improvement compared to the other pics.

Now, go to the blog. Go there and discover the truth. Go there and try to figure out why/how people can be so cruel. Go there and weep.  Not only for Mostar, but for mankind: for the sorry excuses-of-human-beings we have become!



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