Ви благодариме, Охрид (Thank you, Ohrid)

Before I knew it, my time in Ohrid was coming to an end. I was sad. This place had really gotten under my skin. A year ago I had a wonderful time in Piran. And, don’t get me wrong Piran is great. But, Piran is no Ohrid (remember Lloyd Bentsen: “Senator, you are no John Kennedy!”)

I visited the St Naum monastery which is now a hotel. Only for the second time in my life did I see a peacock strutting with its tail fanned! Wow (I can remember as a little boy experiencing it in Kirstenbosch!) I went on a boat ride in the Galicica National Park where I saw the clearest, crystal-clear water ever!

I went to Kaneo. Had dinner there with the Palmers. Talked some more and more about Ohrid. What an incredible place it was. How I would like to promote this gem. Sounded like another one of our typical conversations. But, out of all these “typical conversations”  transpired the following: I will return next year, during the summer, with 4 – 6 students and we will create an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan to promote tourism to Ohrid!!


We will be working for free. We will find our way to Ohrid on our own dime. Double room accommodation will be provided for the students. I will pay for my own. We will be allocated a location where we will be able to work. Every week day from 10 – 4. For two months. The students will get credit for their obligatory internship. We will do marketing seminars. Design menus. Do whatever we can to help the wonderful people of Ohrid to increase tourism to this incredible venue.


All of this will be done in conjunction with Vesna Palmer, President of Multilingual and Multicultural Harmony. Look forward to working with you Vesna and I know there will be a lot of correspondence between now and next May.



In the mean time, I will enjoy Tose Proeski’s Zajdi, Zajdi. A song that I “discovered” in Ohrid. What a pity that this young man was killed in a car wreck at such a young age. His wonderful and warm voice, this haunting folk song, will keep me going until we meet again!


  1. Great post. I always love reading about people’s travels to Europe. The pictures look amazing and make me want to travel there as well.

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