What to do in beautiful Dubrovnik

Josip Ivanovic is a blogger and traveler from Croatia who knows his way around Dubrovnik and is sharing his love for this wonderful city with you. 

The medieval city of Dubrovnik is crammed with historical treasures, architectural gems and picturesque views. Enjoy nature at its best from the peak of Mount Srdj to the island jewels of the Adriatic (Croatia has nearly 1,200 of them!) There are so many things to do, so much to see in Dubrovnik, that one comes back time after time after time as one visit is simply not enough.

Walk the Walls

The medieval city walls are well preserved, and the views make walking on this high walkway round the old town worth the while. Whatever may pique your interest – history, the views over ruddy rooftops on one side and the sparkling sea and rugged islands on the other – walking the walls has to be on every tourist’s itinerary.

Old Town

The labyrinth of little alleyways through the old town is a perfect place to lose oneself in a world that one never thought existed. It is so easy to imagine that one has gone back in time, or pitched up in ‘King’s Landing’ – one of the ‘Game of Thrones’ locations. Let your imagination run wild, become a kid again as you observe the historic details and stunning vantage points of this picture-perfect location. The main street (Stradun) can be rather crowded at times in the high season, but don’t let that put you off – just dodge around a corner or two and before long you will be away from the worst of the crowds.

Mooch around the Monastery:

The Monastery was started in 1301, though there are additions and changes from the 16th Century. Don’t miss the beautiful, cool, green oasis of the courtyard, filled with orange trees. As if its fascinating architecture were not enough, this building also houses many examples of a number of styles and periods of art.

Scale Mount Srdj

You can climb this peak of 412m to the North of Dubrovnik in about an hour or so, but many choose to take the easier way out via the cable car to the top. It only takes a couple of minutes. The line was destroyed in 1991 during the war, and re-opened twenty years later, for which many tourists are very thankful. The views from the top, as well as from the cable car (both directions) are to die for. Once on top you can visit the cafe to quench your first while drinking in some more spectacular views.


Find a Fort

Impressive and imposing Fort Lovrijenac stands on a cliff 37 metres high right on the edge of the sea next to Dubrovnik. This important defensive position dates from 1018 or 1038, though it was altered or repaired many times before the 17th Century. Theatre productions are sometimes impressively staged here during the summer. The path to the Fort can be a little tricky to find, and the climb steep, but the effort is most definitely worthwhile for the stunning panoramic views to be had from the top.There are several other fortresses that form part of the old city’s defenses that can also still be seen today.



Sveti Jakov beach 

Sveti Jakov beach is a great little beach for swimming and sunning. The round smooth stones make for clear water that don’t hurt one’s feet. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, in spite of the crowds, which are still smaller than at other beaches around the city. The views of out over the bay are lovely. Climb down the stairs by the church and you will find yourself on this strand, probably your best bet if you want to soak and swim without going too far from Dubrovnik city centre.

Sail from the Shore

The Elaphite Islands are close to Dubrovnik’s old harbour, so why not take a ferry, or even better, hire a yacht and experience peace like never before. Or head to the quaint, historical island of Korcula, or find a world away from the crowds on Lokrum, where you can explore an old monastery, walk through cool pine woods, bathe in a salt-pool or swim in the clear blue waters of a quiet cove.

Whatever the reason for your visit to Dubrovnik, you will leave saying: “I’ll be back.” Everyone that has been, knows that as one visit is simply not enough! Until next time …




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