Exploring Pula

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Pula is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. Located in the Istria peninsula, it’s a town with a rich history and beautiful beaches. It’s best to visit during the summer, when the combination of the mild Mediterranean climate and the warm Adriatic turn it into paradise.

Moving through & around Pula

The best way to move through the town is by public transport. It is inexpensive (a ticket costs about 11 kuna – less than $2) and is purchased from the bus driver. Such a one-way ticket is valid for an hour. But, if one plans to stay in Pula for a few days, a bus pass which will work out even cheaper. If one does not have the patience for traveling by bus, an affordable taxi service is available.

Masterpieces of Old Roman Times

The symbol of the town is the Pula Arena, a Roman Amphi theatre dating from the first century AD; it’s one of the six largest Roman arenas in the world which have survived to this day and arguably the most important cultural monument in all of Croatia. But the Romans left more:

the Temple of Augustus. Built in the honor of the first emperor of Rome, it’s a beautiful example of Roman architecture, along with the Little Roman Theater built in the same era as the Arena; it could host more than 5000 spectators who came to see Greek-influenced Roman plays.

the Arch of the Sergii. This first century BC triumphal arch commemorates  the Sergii Family, who were an influential force in Pula for centuries during Roman times.

But, it is not only remains from the Roman era that demand a visit, the Venetian Fortress, with its thick walls and impressive cannons, is a “must-see.”

Enjoying beaches & outdoor activities

When one gets tired of exploring the town’s cultural landmarks, there are always the beaches, the most popular being Ambarela, in the touristy Verudela (the Hawaii beach in the same area is also very popular). It won the prestigious Blue Flag award, awarded only to the most exceptional of beaches. It’s a stone pebble beach, especially suitable for families with children. There are plenty of watersport activities available (renting equipment) where cabins, showers, beach bars, and lifeguards are available. Pula also boasts more than a hundred kilometers of hiking trails, some passing through local pine forests. Golfing is also popular, with several courses around the town.

Discovering Brijuni

It would be a shame to visit Pula and not to visit the nearby National Park of Brijuni which is an archipelago of fourteen islands, known for their unique animal and plant species, untouched nature, and spectacular sights. Brijuni even hosts a safari park with many exotic animals, which is the only safari park in the entire region, and there are several important archaeological sites as well. It takes only 30 minutes by boat and various excursions are available.

Visit Pula and you’ll discover why this town is a favorite amongst tourists!




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