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  • is the one hostel website that combines everything you need in one site as it gives you hostels and rating scores from ALL the hostel booking websites (so you can get the best accommodation at the “best” prices.
  • is the only worldwide guide that lists ALL hostels, with phone numbers, so you can contact them DIRECTLY … you know of anyone else doing that?
  • offer you guest ratings and reviews with REAL  photos, as well as an instant price comparison … what was that about the best prices?
  • find you that last available bed when all others claim that everything is sold out … no more worrying about where you’ll be sleeping next!

In a nutshell, is the only hostels website you will ever need and we are proud to promote it.

Safe travels!

To demonstrate just how good/effective this website is, check it out for its long long list of hostels in France at


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